Anacrusis - Paint A Picture

Anacrusis - Paint a Picture (Manic Impressions Demo)
Anacrusis - Paint a Picture - From the Manic Impressions Demo Recordings This demo was recorded in Kevin's basement using an 8-track cassette multi-track recorder. A drum machine was used on "Desperate Hours" because I felt that the tempo on the original drum track was too slow. The names of a few songs were later changed to avoid confusion with other titles. Around the time of this recording, Mariah Carey released a song called "Someday" and "Desperate Hours", which came from a lyric in the 2nd verse, was the name of a 1955 Humphrey Bogart movie, later re-made the year this song was written. Because we didn't want two songs with "Hours" in the title, Sleep" was used as a working title. Once the name "Desperate Hours" was dropped, we changed "Sleep" to "Idle Hours". Since Kevin had a habit of putting off finishing his lyrics until the last minute, I sang the same verse twice on "Still Black", which he and I finished writing in the studio. One of the first songs I demoed for the Manic Impressions album was NEW MODEL ARMY'S "I Love the World". They had been a favorite band of mine for a few years and I thought doing a cover on a non-metal band (but in our style) would add some variety to the album. Once CHAD SMITH had joined the band, the first thing we recorded as a band was a 2-song "live" demo of "Explained Away" and "Paint a Picture", the latter of which was a combination of 2 separate demos I had recorded several months earlier.
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