Buck-0-nine - Jennifer's Cold

The song Jennifer's Cold is performed by Buck-0-nine.

Buck-0-nine - Jennifer's Cold Lyrics

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on the freeway all the cars have stopped because the big news has dropped
all the phones are ringing
it's got all the neighbors singing
police chiel is calling the detectives
navy seals are being selected
president is calling his advisors
greenpeace is putting out flyers
we've got ourselve a little situation
it's worse than an aliean invasion
jennefer has got a cold
and everyone has got to know
there's a news break for everybody watching
jennifer has just started coughing
the doctors can't explain it
"how did she ever obtain this?"
all her friends are sending get well cards
"you can beat it, just got to fight hard"
all the world is sitting home waiting
all the priests are singing and praying
swat team has jennifer surronded
coast guard takes her to and island
out there no one gets infected
jenny lives where she can be protected
united nations emergency meeting declares the whole world is grieving
and peace will come if jenny just gets well
please come home soon...

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