Cranes - Beautiful Friend

The song Beautiful Friend is performed by Cranes in the album named Loved in the year 1994.

Cranes - Beautiful Friend Lyrics

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I feel those days without end
when we used to be friends
those summer days were spent
in search of hope and happiness

we used to while away our days
in a beautiful haze
I guess I knew one day
that you'd be moving long away

you said go back to your dream
back to your wilderness
go back along the walk
maybe you'll find some happiness

I wept a thousand tears for you
for my love that came true
and soon I realized
I'd always dreamt it'd come to this

And though that time pa*ses by
and that our lives have changed
but our love was special
our love was strange

And though my heart broke
in time it did mend
except when I think about the time
that we used to be friends

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