Durutti Column - Thin Ice

The song Thin Ice is performed by Durutti Column.

Durutti Column - Thin Ice Lyrics

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Sometimes I think about the ?/pain/?
The things I've seen and read
Sometimes I feel about the inhumanity
The dying and the dead
You wonder how they got that way
You know they beat their feet
There's some pretty strange people around
There's a lot I wouldn't like to kiss/meet/hold
There's things I feel pa*sionate about
But they're things I'd rather not discuss
Unless you insist and I really must
It's all dashes to the ma*ses, lust to dust
It's nonsense, really
It's a crying shame
The hot and the lame
The blind leading the blind
With the blinds down
The blind leading the blind
It's a crying shame
The blind leading the blind
The blinds down
Blinds down

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