Gaither Vocal Band - Everything Good

The song Everything Good is performed by Gaither Vocal Band in the album named Everything Good in the year 2002.

Gaither Vocal Band - Everything Good Lyrics

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Everything good, everything right
Everything holy, everything right
Everything worthy, all that I should
And all is well, ‘cause I'm gonna
Dwell on everything good.

I got a choice, I got a plan
Gonna find the roses under the thorns
Whenever I can.
Lookin' for joy (ooh), Lookin' for love (ooh)
Lookin' for a little bit of Heaven on Earth
Shinning down from above (echo- “from above')


Changin' the scene (echo), changin' my way (echo)
Tradin' some gloomy, doomy nights for a few more sunny days
It's all in the heart (echo), It's all in the eyes (echo)
So here's how I'm workin' in life,
I've made up my mind

X 2- 2nd time accapello (good, good, good)
X 1- good, good, good, and all is well ‘cause I'm gonna dwell on everything good

Everything Good Comments
BEcky said on April 17, 2010
GReat song!
dionne brissett-lawson said on May 23, 2011
I love you guys,all of you are god sent love all the songs bless up
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