Nelly - Fuck It Then

The song Fuck It Then is performed by Nelly.

Nelly - Fuck It Then Lyrics

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Where have you been?
Damn, damn girl, why'd you tell me the elevator was broke
What took you so long?
Had to climb three, four flights of steps
What's up?
All I asked was to get the Nellyville CD
Yeah, I got it, I got it, I got it, I got it
How hard was that?
What? Why you actin' mad?
I'm the one been running around looking for the album
Because I've been in this apartment for a long time waitin' on your a*s
I don't watch Jenny Jones, Montel, Judge Judy

What you mean it took so long?
I've only been gone for, shoot what one, two, three hours
I wasn't even gone for that long
Look baby, look, I got it
Just calm down alrite, calm down, come on
What you had to go to St. Louis to get the mother f**kin' CD?
What was so hard about that?
Drink some champaign
I don't want no damn champaign, where is the Nellyville?
Sayin' bubble bath, gettin' it on, I hit that a*s
Whatever, where's the CD?

Okay everybody just chill out
Ya know what I mean, yeah I got the Nelly for ya
Yeah, I got it, I'm gonna put this on
Yeah, I hope you don't mind the clean version
The clean version! What?
Man, this is all they had
Nigga, what you think this is rated PG
Look baby, look I can cuss, I can cuss for everybody
Don't you worry about the cussin'
You think we at the prom, what the f**k is wrong with you?
There's gonna be plenty of bad words sayin' up in
Whatever, you know what? Where's my shit at?
Get me out of this small a*s, hot a*s apartment anyways!

Where you think you're goin'?
So you just gonna, oh, so just gonna leave like that
Where's my shit at? Give me my coat, I'm ready to leave!
So you're, okay, so you're just gonna N Sync a bro
You're just
Gone, yo, and the truth remains your
Hey, that's arite 'cause I hope your a*s slip and fall down them stairs
You and your Gucci shoes

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