Tim O'Brien - Handsome Molly

The song Handsome Molly is performed by Tim O'Brien.

Tim O'Brien - Handsome Molly Lyrics

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Well I wish I was in London
Or some other seaport town
I'd set my foot on a steamboat
And sail the ocean round

While sailin' around the ocean, sailin' around the sea
I'm thinking of handsome Molly wherever she might be

Remember oh dear Molly when you gave me your right hand
You said if you were to marry that I would be your man
But now you broke your promise, go marry who you please
While my poor heart is a breakin' you're goin' at your ease


She goes to church on Sunday, she pa*ses me on by
I can tell her love is changin' by the rovin' of her eye
Her hair is like a raven, eyes black as coal
Here cheeks they shown like lillies out in the mornin' glow


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