Agnostic Front - New Jack

The song New Jack is performed by Agnostic Front in the album named One Voice in the year 1992.

Agnostic Front - New Jack Lyrics

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Listen up here said a wise man to a fool. here unlike there there are no set rules. remember one thing you came here alone. thats how youll do this bid, thats how youll go home. learn how to do
Dont let time do you. now that youve entered your humanity is withdrawn. known only as a din number, your life is at pawn. I bet you never imagined to be beaten and caged with no one to pity yo
Ayers nor your pains. and you thought in the streets that your life was so unfair and cruel. make one careless mistake here boy and youll drown in your own pool. so take this advice stay alert a
Cue. keep only to yourself and your ears in hsarp tune.

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