Attacker - Tortured Existence

The song Tortured Existence is performed by Attacker.

Attacker - Tortured Existence Lyrics

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Blood is spilt, the evil one laughs
Shrouded in darkness, longs for the past
Blackhearted creature, night in his life
Curse of the undead, remains his plight
Lovely young victim lies dead on the floor
Draining her body, precious life force
Quenching his thirst, to keep him alive
Lord of the shadows, no rest tonight...

Kneel! Give praise! To the king of the species, hunts by night rests by day
Bow! Down at my feet! Your doom is impending, you life will end as I speak
On your blood is where I will feast
Driven by pa*sion, got you in sight
Soul has been marked, no hope to find
Unholy presence, begins to take hold
Evil surrounds you, body grows cold

Insatiable lust, taste for the flesh
Erotic fantasies, mind never rests
Burning inside, down to the core
Tortured existence, can't be ignored
Oh please! Help end my tortured existence

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