Axenstar - All I Could Ever Be

The song All I Could Ever Be is performed by Axenstar.

Axenstar - All I Could Ever Be Lyrics

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[M & L: Thomas Eriksson]

You thought you knew what I was all about
A smile on your face but you're drowning in lies
You stole my heaven and put me through hell
One of us must go down, Well I'm not the one

They try to push me over the edge
But you know in the end they failed
I'll live my life until it's over

You have not lived the life I've lived
Your words couldn't mean a thing
Don't care what you think, keep it to yourself
And let me be all I could ever be

Although you try you cannot bring me down
I'm free in my will and I bow down to none
You sinful ways must now come to an end
I am the one of a kind and I'll never die

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