Big Tuck - Southside da realist

The song Southside da realist is performed by Big Tuck.

Big Tuck - Southside da realist Lyrics

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southside da realist
drug dealers killaz
sharks and gorrilaz
hope that u hear this
who said that we aint dope dealing wizards
cars changing colors like chamillion lizards

southside da realist
im a make feel it
microphone blizzard
out on the grind
gots to get mine
from the state fair down the x to the pine
home of the killaz home of the G's
Boyz round here crawlin dub deuce D's
its another place
southside's an island
out in the jungle the gorrilaz be wild
in deep in the game my domain
u can get it by the pack or by the train
aint no fakerz got bikers and raider
got exits now it look like vaguers

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