Built to Spill - Happiness

The song Happiness is performed by Built to Spill in the album named Ancient Melodies of the Future in the year 2001.

Built to Spill - Happiness Lyrics

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havent had half a hand ____ half of what i am havent heard of half the things that happened in the past havent given half the time to half the people who have the things ive planned you dont have to be so cruel, 'cause all i do is a little lesson when i can happiness will only happiness will only happen when it can happen when it can havent had the half of mind to ___ to start to take a stand havent held on half as long, as i had hoped as i had hoped ___ havent missed half the shit, they said id never have? a chance happiness you dont have to be so cruel 'cause all i do is a little lesson when i can happen happiness happen happiness happen happen happiness

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