Carnal Forge - A Revel In Violence

The song A Revel In Violence is performed by Carnal Forge.

Carnal Forge - A Revel In Violence Lyrics

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There's No Solution, Only Revolution
There's No Salvation, Crack The Face Of Power

Tear Them Apart

There's No Surrender, Time To Hate That f**ker
Burst, Burst My Friend, And Things Will Never
Be The Same Again

Wreck It, Slam It, Kill It, Bring It To The Dead
Smash And Burn, A Revel In Violence

Burning Heads In Fusion, Bestial Liars
Tormenting Your Soul, Now It's Your Turn
Just Go

Smash And Burn <i>[x4]

I Can't See Your Face, It Makes Me See Too Red
I Hate To Hate You, But I Can't Help Myself
I Want Your Head In My Hand

I Wanna See You Ripped In Pieces, Totally Sliced

There's No Solution Only Revolution
There's No Solution, Upside-Down Execution

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