Catch 22 - Point The Blame

The song Point The Blame is performed by Catch 22 in the album named Alone in a Crowd in the year 2000.

Catch 22 - Point The Blame Lyrics

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Pick you up in the suburbs tomorrow. We won't tell, they won't follow. Pack your bags, and put all your trust in me. Never had a gun to his head, that's what he said, that's why I shot him dead, with the vengance that his daughter fed. I've always been a sucker for a brown eyed, punk rock girl, and for her I'd shoot the world. [CHORUS] Shoot him down. Shoot him down for all the nightmares. Shoot him down. What goes around will come around. Shoot him down. your father is also your pain. I love you and for us I'll shoot him down.
No remorse. We've got no time to look back. The cop is on our trail and we're driving in a Topaz. Stuck in no-man's land, between the body and mind.

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