Catch 22 - Sincerely Yours

The song Sincerely Yours is performed by Catch 22.

Catch 22 - Sincerely Yours Lyrics

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10:00 I was gonna write a letter but at 1:00 is when I opened up my eyes. 3:00 turned into 5:00. I watched the day pa*s me by. 6:00 I was changing through the channels. And at 8:00 the stationary called my name. 9:00 the time I stopped impossible that day I didn't speak. Dear loving friend I meant to write shoudl've but the time just wasn't right. Some things I'd rather leave unsaid and I'm sorry that I did. So here's a letter that I never sent with all the words I never said. I never wanted you to leave but you left said I never wanna hold you back but I want to hold you back. Sincerely yours.

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