Cosima - I Just Wanna Cry

The song I Just Wanna Cry is performed by Cosima in the album named Cosima in the year 2016.

Cosima - I Just Wanna Cry Lyrics

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Don't think of you as much as I used to
Since we've been apart
I don't miss you
Don't dream of you
The way that I did before
I learned to live my life without you
I don't really need you anymore but

I just wanna cry
When I see you walking by
I just wanna die
Hurt so bad inside
But I just smile
And you'll never see it shown
'Cos I'll never let you know

I've moved on
I barely remember
All those times we shared together
Now that you're gone
All my time is mine alone
I can do anything I want to
I feel so much better on my own, but


Don't think I'm sad because it's over
I'm more than happy on my own
I'm finally over you
I don't need you, but


Don't think of you
As much as I used to

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