Country Love Songs - Didn't We Shine

The song Didn't We Shine is performed by Country Love Songs.

Country Love Songs - Didn't We Shine Lyrics

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Hello, it's good to see you
Just how long has it been
I've often wondered what i'd say
If we ever met again
If i'd try just being clever
Or pretend not to remember
But it's funny how you've lingered
On my mind

Didn't we shine
Didn't we shine
Didn't we share and care
And lay our hearts on the line
Maybe it wasn't meant to last
'Til the end of time
Oh,but while it did
Didn't we shine

I still have some blue days
That i could do without
And when i have my blue days
You're all i think about
But i've long ago forgiven you
For what you did or didn't do
Now all i can recall
Are the happy times


Was it my imagination
Or didn't we shine

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