Crest Of Darkness - Quench My Thirst

The song Quench My Thirst is performed by Crest Of Darkness.

Crest Of Darkness - Quench My Thirst Lyrics

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I've said goodbye to the light.
I've seen my last sunrise.
I've gone through the mortal death.
I'm a spirit of supernatural flesh.

I've lived to see
more than man can bear.
I've experienced moments
wich are lost in time.

I'm followed by fear!
Demolition time is here!

I've wandered through centuries.
I've seen times changing.
I've seen kings and queens.
I've seend unvaluable wealth.

I'm living to quench my thirst.
I'm searching in the slumbering dark.
Most people don't belive in my exictence.
but still I'm followed by fear.

I'm followed by Fear!
Demolition time is here!

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