Pillow Talk

The album Pillow Talk is released by Doris Day in the year 1999.
Dec 1999
  1. Pillow Talk (Title Credits)
  2. Inspiration (To Eileen)
  3. Tabasco Sauce for Alma's Hangover
  4. Inspiration (To Yvette)
  5. Alma's Second Hangover
  6. Telephone Inspector's Visit/Alma's Third Hangover
  7. Jan and Alma's Discussion: Bedroom Problems
  8. Jonathan's Proposal/Alma's Eavesdropping on Brad/Jonathan's Visit ...
  9. Jan's Refusal to Brad's Attempt for a Date
  10. Inspiration (To Marie)
  11. Tony's Offer to Drive Jan Home
  12. Theme
  13. The Copa del Rio Mambo
  14. Jan and Tony's Dance/First Appearance as 'Rex'
  15. Sending Tony Home in a Taxi
  16. Brad Squeezing into Tony's Car/Brad's Leg Dangling Over the Car Door
  17. Brad's Efforts to Get Out of the Car
  18. Taxi Ride/At Jan's Apartment Door
  19. Theme
  20. "Like a Potbellied Stove on a Frosty Morning" Brad as 'Rex' ...
  21. A Night Out in New York
  22. Jonathan's Evasion to Meet Brad's Cousin 'Moose'
  23. Jan and Brad Do the Town (New York Montage)
  24. "Jan, You Can't Live in Texas! " Jonathan's Objection
  25. Roly Poly
  26. "I Wonder If I Can Get the Recipe" Brad Setting the Trap for Jan
  27. Is That All It Is With Us, Friendship?" Jan Falling Right into It
  28. I Need No Atmosphere
  29. You Lied
  30. Jan Packing and Telephoning to Inform Brad How Wrong He Was About 'Rex'
  31. Jonathan Sending Brad on His Way to Connecticut
  32. Possess Me
  33. Romantic Scene in Front of Fireplace/Brad Trying to Hide the Sheet ...
  34. Jan's First Suspicion
  35. Jan Ready to Leave/Jonathan Rushing in to Expose 'Rex'
  36. New York: 80 Miles
  37. "You Got an Apartment, She Decorates Apartments, Right? Right" ...
  38. Jan's 'Business' Visit to Brad's Apartment
  39. Brad Biddinjg Goodbye to All Former Girlfriends/Jan Ordering ...
  40. The Newly-Finished 'Chamber of Horrors'/Brad in Jan's Bedroom/"They'll ..."
  41. Inspiration (Played on a Player Piano)
  42. Brad 'Kidnapped' by an Obstetrician and His Nurse
  43. Pillow Talk (End Title) [Shorter Version (End Title)]
  44. Pillow Talk
  45. Inspiration
  46. Roly Poly
  47. Introduction
  48. Pillow Talk [Film Version]
  49. Doris Introduces Rock's Singing Voice: Inspiration
  50. Doris Introduces Roly Poly
  51. Roly Poly
  52. Doris Chats and Sings: Possess Me
  53. Doris Concludes
  54. Pillow Talk [Short Version]
  55. Inspiration
  56. Roly Poly
  57. Posess Me
  58. Pillow Talk
  59. Doris Day Introduces Movie Dialogue Segments, 1 [*]
  60. Doris Day Introduces Movie Dialogue Segments, 2 [*]
  61. Doris Day Introduces Movie Dialogue Segments, 3 [*]
  62. Rock Hudson Introduces Movie Dialogue Segments, 1 [*]
  63. Rock Hudson Introduces Movie Dialogue Segments, 2 [*]
  64. Rock Hudson Introduces Movie Dialogue Segments, 3 [*]
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