Edge Of Sanity - No Destiny

The song No Destiny is performed by Edge Of Sanity in the album named Cryptic in the year 1997.

Edge Of Sanity - No Destiny Lyrics

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We live our lives in our daily fashion
Confuse our lives with unanswered questions
Seems everybody needs a reason to live
Seems everybody has someone to forgive

So they control their life with destiny
Blame it on "It was meant to be"

I won't be a part of the role
I'd rather stay uncontrolled
I just believe in odd accidents
I have remorse that I can't repent

It's just another race to be run
And your day is what you make it
And just maybe I want it undone
But I just have to face it

So live your life in your daily fashion
Forget your questions and live by pa*sion
You don't need anything to obey
And if things go wrong, well you just have to pay


[REPEAT C. x2]

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