Fingertight - Magical

The song Magical is performed by Fingertight in the album named In the Name of Progress in the year 2003.

Fingertight - Magical Lyrics

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For you

In minute we'll be sitting at the bar
And for a instant we'll forget who we are
And it happens
And when it does its magical
And it happens
And when it does its mystical

'Cause im not afraid anymore
'Cause I can feel you next to me
Im not afraid anymore

In a time when innocence should be my right
Im in a battle between alcohol and my life
And I still feel like you're here with me
And its magical.
'Cause I'm not afraid... If we run without or confidence.
My confidence is already lost, and if we run without or confidence...
My world is spinning all around, and if we run...
'Cause i'm not afraid, anymore. "Cause i can feel you next to me.


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