George Jones - Lovebug, The

The song Lovebug, The is performed by George Jones.

George Jones - Lovebug, The Lyrics

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Written by Curtis Wayne and Wayne Kemp

Well I was rulin' the roost, had all the chicks to myself
Suddenly it happened, that funny little feelin' I felt
Well I tried to outrun it, but it finally caught with me
Tell me how can I run from somethin' I can't see

Oh . . . that . . .
Little bitty teeny weeny thing they call the Lovebug
Nobody's ever seen it but's it got the whole world shook up
It all started with a little bitty kiss and a hug
It's a little bitty teeny weeny thing they call the Lovebug

Well I always thought that I had me a pretty good style
But I lost that girl by a good ol' country mile
I was walkin' all around with my head held way up high
And it fooled me, hit me, really took me by surprise

(Repeat chorus)

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