Headstone Epitaph - Searing Eyes

The song Searing Eyes is performed by Headstone Epitaph.

Headstone Epitaph - Searing Eyes Lyrics

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[Tim: i was looking for a riff that was cla*sic speed metal.]</i>
[The song's About people WHO hypnotize you with their searing eyes]</i>
[and how impossible it is to see what?s behind them.]

you sear with your eyes on my skin
I feel the pain allthough
I'm so afraid but
I still feed your flame
searing eyes
searing eyes
[vers:]</i> your touch on my skin
like a burning laser blade
destroying deadly lips
praying it's not to late
searing eyes
searing eyes
searing eyes
you're playing your role
with devotion so real
that i can't feel
your emotion

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