Jerry Vale - The Things I Love

The song The Things I Love is performed by Jerry Vale in the album named Super Hits in the year 2001.

Jerry Vale - The Things I Love Lyrics

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The glow of sunset in the summer skies
The golden flicker of the fireflies
The gleam of love light in your lovely eyes
These are the things I love

A silver moonbeam peeping through the trees
A bed of tulips nodding in the breeze
The look you give in answer to my pleas
These are the things I love

Oh, once I thought that Life was just a winter thing
My heart was cold and then
You came to me and like a breath of spring
You turned the silver snow to gold

A robin's serenade when day is through
A bubbking brook beside our rendezvous
Your sweet voice whisp'ring, "Darling I love you"
These are the things I love

The Things I Love Comments
A,Canseco said on August 4, 2011
This song is one of the best BALLAD I ever heard in melody and a matter of fact I encountered only in the album of Jerry Vale the use of the Romantic Period compositions of the best classical composers set to songs.It is very rare indeed !
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