Jessie Daniels - The Noise

The song The Noise is performed by Jessie Daniels in the album named Jessie Daniels in the year 2006.

Jessie Daniels - The Noise Lyrics

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Here we go
One more time
Out the door to face the crowd
I can't think straight or concentrate
Surrounded by the sounds
Of a world that deafening
Above everything

I hear your voice
Coming through the static
It's so automatically loud and clear
It's you
And things that used to matter
Suddenly just scatter
When you break through
The Noise

I don't know why
I don't know how
It's so easy to forget
And fall back in
So I start listening
To something that was said
In a world thats deafening
Above everything


Through the Noise
Everything disappears
But Your voice

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