Jesus And Mary Chain - Kill Surf City

The song Kill Surf City is performed by Jesus And Mary Chain.

Jesus And Mary Chain - Kill Surf City Lyrics

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I love baby and she loves me
I lost my baby in the deep blue sea
I'm gonna turn my trick
Gonna blow your head
Til I'm almost dead

I'm gonna kill surf city with a loaded gun
Got to ? surf city like a nuclear bomb
I'm gonna fight surf city, got to get it down
I'm gonna kill kill get it down
I got to get, get, surf city

I hate honey and she hates me
But that's the way it's supposed to be
I'm gonna run, gonna run till I hit the sun
Some evil cunt's gonna get my gun

I'm gonna kill surf city, got to get me a gun
Got to fry surf city with a nuclear bomb
Got to get them all day
I'm gonna ?
surf city

Here she comes now


Down to the back where the ? came from

I've gotta sit that mother down

Somebody knows me and I know them

f**k f**k


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