Johnny O. - Runaway Love

The song Runaway Love is performed by Johnny O..

Johnny O. - Runaway Love Lyrics

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Te quiero mucho
Nuncha te dejo
You want to know why
Cause Johnny is here to stay

Love, a special word thats shared by two
An understanding that I love you
Dream of all dreams and you are my fantasy
I feel that things won't always be right
We must remain strong and go on
Always remember my love that I adore you
Siempre te amo

You have got that love I'm needing more
Even though we faced closed doors
I have but one wish and that is to love you
So don't you runaway, runaway my love
And don't you take away, take away my heart
Theres only much that I can say or do to you
To make you love me

Girl, an understanding of you and I
A love so precious, so treasured and true
Our love will stand the test of time to show
I'll always care baby just for you
I'll never let you down you know
Sweetheart you make me strong for I'll be there for you
Nuncha te dejo

Chorus (2x)

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