Lords Of The New Church - Apocalypso

The song Apocalypso is performed by Lords Of The New Church.

Lords Of The New Church - Apocalypso Lyrics

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I got the feeling - hey. Whoops - hey. Now...world powers
collided in the final stage. History. Black castle remnants
of the indrustrial age. Secret war exploded into nuclear one.
Ahh....was a nuclear blast, we had a holocaust-a fun. Everything's
turning red. We all just walking dead. I should'a stayed in
bed. Where is the feast what we were promised? Only believe
in animal lust. Everybody wanting I'm not in the mood for giving.
This life stinks so what's your reason to live? My gang's gonna
git'cha tonight. On the other side of night. Ya gotta trust
the night. Now. Yeah-hey. Brian saves. No time to laugh
'cause it's all funney, honey. Never thought it would ever happen
to me. Video plays it back simulcast. Watchin' the world plunge
back to the past. Celebration's just begun. Gonna do it while
it's still fun. Nothin' left, there ain't no one.
Anytime at all.....no time at all - hey.
Apocalypso.....we want apocalypso.
Ka-boom-boom. watch me move.

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