Groovy People-Best of Lou Rawls

The album Groovy People-Best of Lou Rawls is released by Lou Rawls in the year 2005.
  1. You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine
  2. Groovy People
  3. See You When I Git There
  4. Lady Love
  5. One Life to Live
  6. Let Me Be Good to You
  7. Sit Down and Talk to Me
  8. I Go Crazy
  9. I Wish You Belonged to Me
  10. From Now On
  11. Trade Winds
  12. Bark, Bite (Fight All Night)
  13. I Wish It Were Yesterday
  14. Dollar Green
  15. Love Is a Hurtin' Thing [Live]
  16. Dead End Street [Live]
  17. Tobacco Road [Live]
  18. This Song Will Last Forever
  19. There Will Be Love
  20. Ain't That Loving You
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