Masta Ace Incorporated - Crazy Drunkin Style

The song Crazy Drunkin Style is performed by Masta Ace Incorporated in the album named SlaughtaHouse in the year 2001.

Masta Ace Incorporated - Crazy Drunkin Style Lyrics

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It's the man with the clientele, here to rock you well
Knock the red out your socks, now it don't match your necks
It's the crazy drunken style like a big gla*s of beck's

Drink, drink, drink, oh, come and get a drink
Of the lyrical intoxicants to make your breath stink (2x)

We got the lyrical - hangover
Check it out
If the mic was a 40 (I would never be sober) (2x)

(drunk on friday night)

Here comes the crazy drunken style, take a swigger
(I'm drunk, so what? )
I got the crazy drunken style
Here comes the crazy drunken style, take a swigger
(give the man a taste, and he's gone)

[ lord digga ]
When I'm brainstormin I do more than just rain
Cause i'ma get you and throw your mama from the train
I'm kinda vain, that makes me wanna slaughter
Doin shit you never thought of
So don't cross the digga, cause I'm a nigga over drunk waters
So heat up the skillet, so I can cook mc's like gizzards
And beat that a*s when you're off to see the wizard
Oh is it, that bad muthaf**ka? word to scouts honor
The nigga from saturday night that rippin shit like sinead o'connor
So I wanna be startin some with muthaf**kas that'll front when
They really know they really don't want nothin
Over here, cause I get heads fly like mike and a pair of nike airs
Agressive like a grizzly, so f**k a care bear
Rapunzel, suck my dick... and cut the weave out your hair

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