Morbid Angel - Where The Slime Live

The song Where The Slime Live is performed by Morbid Angel in the album named Domination in the year 1995.

Morbid Angel - Where The Slime Live Lyrics

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(Music : Azagthoth/Lyrics : Vincent)
Where the slime live
(They are the lowest forms of life)
Where the slime breed
(They make a new one too corrupted)
When the wind blows
(The winds of truth are blowing now)
And the cradle falls... down
Their poison fingers that wrote the poison lies
Their poison lingers
What a tragedy when their fingers are removed
Where the slime live
Their burning dogma
Introducting to our minds - lies
They plot for the total control of the morals
And what a tragedy when the ³god-hearts² are removed
They crawl, they breed, they hide but we see
The burn
I see the smoke of the funerals rising
God lives in their hearts now laid ro rest
What a sight
As their kingdom comes tumbling down
We burn - the ones with contrite souls be gone !
Long gone are the filthy liars
Long gone are their filthy lies
I know they¹ll come again some day

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