Number One Fan - It's Not You, It's Me

The song It's Not You, It's Me is performed by Number One Fan.

Number One Fan - It's Not You, It's Me Lyrics

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This is not working out,
I showed you the door, just go.
You ask just too much of me,
And if its all the same to you,
I'll be alone.

Don't say anything,
You'll win me back with three simple words.
Don't try anything,
I need you now more than ever before my Love

Before long I came crawling back,
It was me that was wrong all along.
I just could not understand,
How you didn't even care I was gone.
Don't say anything,
Words would only ruin the moment
Don't try anything,
Nothing now could tear us apart my Love

You gave me my choices and I chose wrong.
I bet that doesn't surprise you.

Don't make me sad, cause I'll cry like a girl,
and don't think thats bad.
Dont make me mad, I'll lose my composure,
cause thats all I have.

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