The song Atheist Ways is performed by NUNSLAUGHTER.

NUNSLAUGHTER - Atheist Ways Lyrics

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You never wondered how witches fly
Hobgoblins chant in the dead of the night
Ogres and fairies read their textbooks of blood
While Christians ponder a vengeful God

Atheist ways

Merlin's stones and the magic he's cast
Gigantic cults and the poisons they've pa*sed
Regal watchers Gods divine blood
Zion's scatter for a forty day flood

Chaste radicals race to confess
Immoral acts and their life's twisted mess
The holy cross or the Pentagram
Blessed peace or eternally damned

Thors mighty hammer pounds the Norse god of war
Folk tales and legends mythological lore
You cant depend on a spiritual being
No god is worth it if he's not worth seeing
No god in Heaven No god in Hell
No one to follow be true to yourself
Atheist ways

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