Ozma - Utsukushii Shibuya

The song Utsukushii Shibuya is performed by Ozma.

Ozma - Utsukushii Shibuya Lyrics

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i've been thrown the gaijin glare for so long
by now i take the scorn in stride
got no time for pride that only serves to divide
got no time for miscommunication
i've been trying to set this straight for so long
trying to hammer out what's bent
you trust in my intent
you must be heaven sent
and i've been trying to let you know that i love you so


i've been trying to find a girl for so long
that tears have often filled my eyes
under azure skies as we said our last goodbyes
i was trying to let you know that i love you so

i love you so
you'll never know
but i love you so

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