Papas Fritas - Say Goodbye

The song Say Goodbye is performed by Papas Fritas.

Papas Fritas - Say Goodbye Lyrics

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No telling how this came to be
You ending up here when you didn't agree
But now that you're gone when people fall wrong
You'll be the one who's missing the fun

No turning back to what you do
You'll float in the air and you'll savor the view
And when you get down just look all around
It's all or none in what's to come

Picture so perfect you'll want to give
So lonesome a soul, some reason to live
That's just how it goes you and your wings exposed
You didn't ask for the part, it's all just breaking your heart
Your will is dying and they are crying out to you

Say goodbye to all your friends
Say goodbye to all your friends
And all your lovers until the end

Who needs a myth when you're young and free
But you are the angel, you're smiling at me
It's all just breaking your heart

Now that this time is feeling so new
You'll know what to do
Not to lose the love you left behind

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