Il Mondo Pt.2

The album Il Mondo Pt.2 is released by Patrizio Buanne in the year 2005.
May 2005
Il Mondo Pt.2
  1. Il Mondo (My World)
  2. Amore Scusami (My Love, Forgive Me)
  3. Parla Piu Piano (Theme From "The Godfather")
  4. A Man Without Love
  5. Che Sara
  6. Come Prima (For The First Time)
  7. I'italiano
  8. Home To Mamma
  9. 'na Sera' E Maggio (An Evening In May)
  10. Alta Marea
  11. Soli
  12. On An Evening In Roma
  13. Credi In Te (Believe In Yourself)

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Il Mondo Pt.2
Il Mondo Pt.2 CD Cover Photo
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