Sam Phillips - I Can't Stop Crying

The song I Can't Stop Crying is performed by Sam Phillips.

Sam Phillips - I Can't Stop Crying Lyrics

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I saw black and you saw red
Crawled to separate corners
The line went dead I closed my heart up tore your love
For me to shreds

Tangled wires / love can't breathe
Pulling tighter to my ruthless need
Don't look down I want you unconsolably

I can't stop crying

Stubborn distance closes in
With your a*sistance bitterly begin
To build a wall of silence cutting soul in two
Cloudy water in my eyes
I'm ashamed of words with secret knives
In dream I scream but you can't
Hear me calling you

I know that this heartache is
A speck in the sky of love
But it's all I feel around me

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