Sesame Street - Being A Pig

The song Being A Pig is performed by Sesame Street.

Sesame Street - Being A Pig Lyrics

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Oh what a joy
Watching life pa*sing by and
Being a pig

What could compare
To a home in a sty and
Being a pig

Days are sunny and rosy
Things are comfy and cozy
With all the piggies around
What greater joy could be found

Wallow awhile
In the mud that's my style
And being a pig

Slurping that slop
Hey to me that's the top
And being a pig

And when Mama is able
She sets a fine table
We gather around for a treat
And wow do we eat!

And when the night has come creeping
In the barn we go sleeping
Who would know that pleasure gets this big!
Being a pig
Being a pig
Being a pig


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