Solitude Aeturnus - White Ship

The song White Ship is performed by Solitude Aeturnus in the album named Into the Depths of Sorrow in the year 2006.

Solitude Aeturnus - White Ship Lyrics

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I was but a traveler
Floating endless through the sea
On the other side of knowledge
Through the pliancy of dreams
And voices there upon the ship
Spoke of radiant place's splendor
Beautiful shores with sands of gold
Wherein exists no torment or pain
What was I looking for
What could I have hoped for
On the white ship I sailed through the night
As we traveled for the Land Eternal
We pa*sed many peaceful harbor
Where we could have found vibrant life
In a world known only in dreams
But vibrant was not eternal
So we continued upon our quest
Through misty lagoons of sparkling blue
And on through the pillars of the West
The land mist be adorned by beauty unknown
Never before beheld
The land of eternal life
Which ocean secrets had held
And as we left those shores of hope
And neared the end of the quest
The waters rose up before me
And fell there sharply beyond
The white ship and I were taken
Into man's withered and dying arms
What was I looking for
What could I have hoped for
The time that was mime was to parish with life

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