Spiderbait - White Trash Superstar

The song White Trash Superstar is performed by Spiderbait.

Spiderbait - White Trash Superstar Lyrics

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Won't you
Show me what to do
'Coz I don't know my way
And you got the sound that

I need
To get me on my feet
So I think I'll pretend
To be
Something again that

You are
A white trash superstar
I'm never gonna be too far
From you today so

Watch out
'Coz I don't have a doubt
That it's all working out
For me
And I can't remember

You say
I've only got half a brain
It's all I'll ever be

Tell me
Oh, what you want to be
So I can do it too
And then
Take it from you

In time
You'll have me on your mind
And I'll be doin' fine
Still I remember

You say:
I've only got half a brain
It's all I'll ever be

I'll see
If I'm not too busy
You can hang out with me
But I don't know when

I'll try
To be your kinda guy
But I don't have the time
Maybe tomorrow

I say:
You only need half a brain!
The other half's a pain
Because you'll never need it again!


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