Stereolab - The Free Design

The song The Free Design is performed by Stereolab in the album named Cobra and Phases Group Play Voltage in the Milky Night in the year 1999.

Stereolab - The Free Design Lyrics

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Wher it had been left
Hundreds of years ago
Extract from the depth
Is but a setting sun paradise is scace
In this light that won't shine
What is our earthly task
But a worthy design?

Some held it in sight
For scattered it may have been
They're ready to fight
In a priceless inkling
The request is here
Ready to resurrect
What else can we do but recover the project

Our earthly design
Can be so detached
What crushes our desire
Not to be trapped
When the higher spheres
Tell us to and not to
Everyone agrees
Demanding more veto
Our earthly design
Can we be so detached
What crushes our desire
Not to be trapped?

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