Supertramp - Where There's A Will

The song Where There's A Will is performed by Supertramp in the album named Some Things Never Change in the year 1997.

Supertramp - Where There's A Will Lyrics

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Where there's a will, there's a way
That's what they'll say
A friend in need is a friend indeed
He'll be there every day

And if it's trouble that's in store
You know you gonna hear it even more
Where there's a will, there's a way
That's what they'll say

When the writing is on the wall
And you could fall
When your best ain't that good enough
And life gets tough

When the lad of hope and dreams
It isn't always what it seems
Where there's a will, there's a way
They'll always say

You may be sorry, you may be sad, you may be blue
You think you'll never see that sun come breaking through
You struggle morning, noon and night
But you still can't get it right

Yea, but where there's a will, there's a way
Just say it every day
Yea, just say it every single day
You might as well

Well, so much for trouble, so much for heartache
So much for pain, you just gotta get up
You gotta reach out, you gotta try and try again
And you'll never see it through

But what the hell you gonna do?
Yea, where there's a will, yea, there's a way
You've heard 'em say

Well, I don't know nothing about this world
And all it's wrongs and I can tell you now
Why we all can't, we all can't get along
[Incomprehensible] after all is said and done

We gotta keep on, keepin' on
'Cos if there's a, what if you don't know by now?
I don't know what to say

Through all your sorrows
All your dreams and all your joys
In times of sadness, in times of grief
Yes, and even times that you enjoy

As your life you live it through
You know it all depends on you
(Depends on you)

And if there's a will and there's a way
(There's a way)
You better get right down and pray
(There's a way)
From the cradle to the grave
(There's a way)
You better say it every day

You know when the crime's above the law
When the plane's about to fall
The mighty oceans roar
But tomorrow's at your door

If there's a will, there's a way
That's what they'll say
Well, you know, that's what they'll say

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