The Duskfall - The Grand Scheme

The song The Grand Scheme is performed by The Duskfall.

The Duskfall - The Grand Scheme Lyrics

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I hid my horns from all mankind just to stir up their lives.
Took them to the ledge and watched it all go down in flames.
They lasted longer and somewhat stronger than I thought they would.
They couldn't see What I am, now they can't deny.

Speeded up the process, seemed to work so well,
some days it went so slow.
Like it went in slowmotion, like watching metal corrode.

I would not speak about all things,
I had in store for you.

I want to be the first to use your weakness against you.
Not your belief Which keeps me here, it's the devotion.
Still, the longer you resist, the longer I'm here.
I'll show myself when it's time for you to see me.


I would not speak...

...Would not speak...
...Not a single word...
...Nothing more...
...Forever more...

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