The Kingston Trio - Big Ball In Town

The song Big Ball In Town is performed by The Kingston Trio in the album named Kingston Trio #16/Sunny Side! in the year 2000.

The Kingston Trio - Big Ball In Town Lyrics

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Nick Reynolds/Bob Shane/John Stewart

Well, there's a big ball in Boston, big ball in town. Big ball in Boston, I'm gonna get on down.

The birthplace of our nation is Boston so they say. They try to keep it as it was but it's changing ev'ry day.


The Red Coats, they were comin', their cloth was made of tweed. Some say their shirts were button down (The tradition is Ivy League.)


We met a chap from Harvard, very slim and pale. The last time that we saw him he was dancing with a cat from Yale.


And just a mile from Harvard's a campus you should see. M I T K E Y M O U S E


The folks who come from Boston are said to be quite dated. So whadda ya have to say, my friend?
Well, uh, Bobby and Teddy and I made it.


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