The Vladimirs - Grave-Girl

The song Grave-Girl is performed by The Vladimirs.

The Vladimirs - Grave-Girl Lyrics

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It was a dark and lonely night

I was standing on the street alone in the rain

Then i felt her cold, cold touch

Grab me by my hand and take me on my way

She was the most beautiful thing

Her skin was pale and white

She's my queen of the night

She took me some place new that night

A place i've never been before

She took me some place new that night

My darlin' Grave Girl

As I crawled in her coffin, she laid on top of me and clawed at my face

She sucked out all my blood, in the night on thru, in her black love case

And then she diappeared into the night, left me in the dim

I need to be with her again


Well, it's been a lot of years, i don't know if it was real, or maybe just a dream

I wonder where she is, and if she'll ever just come back to me

But until that night will come, i'll just wait for her, i'll wait for her return


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