Triumph - Too Much Thinking

The song Too Much Thinking is performed by Triumph in the album named Never Surrender in the year 2004.

Triumph - Too Much Thinking Lyrics

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Child or tomorrow
Painful is today
Fathom if you can
Burning bridges, concrete and clay
Lighting candles
Searching in the night
For a voice of reason
In the age of wrong am I right?
Modern visions
Portray just society
Will it be righteous in time?

Too much, too much thinkin' yes I know
Too much thinkin' tryin' to understand

Steal away
Each and everyone
Contemplate the madness
Before the deed is done
See tomorrow coming
Shake the hand of fate
Mirror, mirror on the wall
Is it all too late
Prophets of doom
Fearful of the violence
Preaching to no one at all

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