Veggie Tales - Was He A Boy Like Me

The song Was He A Boy Like Me is performed by Veggie Tales in the album named The Incredible Singing Christmas Tree in the year 2005.

Veggie Tales - Was He A Boy Like Me Lyrics

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Verse 1:
Its Christmas time and soon I know I’ll see
Presents underneath the Christmas tree
Mistletoe and stockings in their place
Extra cookie out for Santa in case
But tonight I’m setting up the manger underneath the tree
And counting all the pieces as a question comes to me

Chorus 1:
Was he a boy like me
Did he bounce on daddy’s knee
Did he play games to make his mother smile
As I place the final piece inside the manger scene
I wonder if he was a boy like me

Verse 2:
Throw tinsel on it and some candy canes
Turn on the hi-fi Julie Andrew sings
Jingle bells I wish some snow would fall
Say our thanks wish merry Christmas to all
But as I stare out the window at the Christmas star tonight
There’s a question I must ask you and I hope that you don’t mind
(repeat chorus 1)

I knocked the wise man over when I put the baby in
I set him up so he could see the child once again
I fixed the broken shepherd so he could stand up tall
Looking in his eyes I think I see just what he saw

Chorus 2:
He saw a boy like me
He bounced him on his knee
They played some games that made his mother smile
As you place the final piece inside your manger scene
They wondered at this boy
They gazed upon this gift
In a boy like me
In a boy like me

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