Waxwing - Place Called Houston

The song Place Called Houston is performed by Waxwing.

Waxwing - Place Called Houston Lyrics

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Its a long way back from nothing
But that's just where we're coming from
A place called Houston on the map I can remember when
He picked us up just like water
You have to keep on drinking to go on living
To keep on living - Sometimes I wasn't thirsty at all

The day you realize that you already have
Everything that you ever wanted, you'll know

If a man can love enough he can save a million lives
And maybe his own
If a man can love enough to give up his whole world
What he will receive in return will be so much more

Some lessons must be taught
With the blood and sweat of other men
And now that I have seen the fight that you've fought
Its my day to be that man
And I hope I may fight this as well

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