Wide Mouth Mason - This Mourning

The song This Mourning is performed by Wide Mouth Mason.

Wide Mouth Mason - This Mourning Lyrics

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Norning came a little early today
Woke me up when I wasn't ready
Creeping, in through the window I guess
It came in wuiet while I was sleeping
I'm dreaming my way through the rain today
Now the clouds have moved inside
But it's alright
Well I'm not supertitious
So I grab an umbrella
Sit on down and get washed away
Na na na na na na na na
Na na na na na na na
And I'll sing to the rain is gone
One hour ago it was raining
Sunshine I never thought I'd see your face
Slowly I'll shake the cobwebs away
It's alright by me if it's cool by you
If it's all day long
Singing like fools

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